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When it comes to being a flooring installer, the costs are fairly low. Hey, all you need is a clipboard, some paper and a measuring tape!

Yet this approach is likely hurting your business. The fact is that there are many affordable technologies to streamline the measure estimating process.

Let’s see how:

#1 – Affordability And Ease

Going beyond pencil-and-paper only requires having a laser (which costs about a $100 bucks or so), an app and a smartphone or tablet.

That’s it.

It’s also important to keep in mind that getting up-to-speed on an app is fairly straightforward. You’ll click the laser and the app will then make the calculations.

#2 – Accuracy

In today’s flooring industry, margins are often thin. So even a small inaccuracy can make a project unprofitable. Or, in some cases, the installer may not even have enough of the flooring materials, which will cause quite a few problems with customers.

But the laser-app combo solves this problem. The accuracy will be spot-on. The computer will handle everything.

#3 - Conversion

Something else that is great about the laser-app combo: You can show a customer the estimate on the spot.

No doubt, this helps with the sales process. After all, you can email the project and get a signature.

This kind of professionalism means you will build instant credibility and yes, boost the odds of closing a sale.

Next Steps

So then why wait? Want to see how the laser-app combo can work for you? Well, at Measure Square, we have a 2-week trial for our software!

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