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We hope you had a great 4th of July.

At Measure Square, we also want to create some of our own fireworks. That is, we have launched the latest version of our iPad app. We think it will make your projects easier – allowing you to get more business. So yes, make sure you upgrade to the latest:

iPad Download

OK then, let’s take a look at some of the features and enhancements:


If you work in teams (say for those that use our FloorLink platform), it can get tough finding projects. This is why we supercharged the search feature. Now you can find a project – from the Diagram Screen of the app – by such criteria as customer name, job site address, phone number, fax, email and so on.

Draw A Circular Room

To draw a circular room, you will go to Tools and select Circular room. Then all you have to do is drag out with your finger.

Also, to resize it, you click the "i" button in the middle of the room and select Resize By Drag.

Movable Legend

While a legend is often critical for your floorplan, you may not want everything included, such as waste or you might want to put it in a different place. Well, the good news is now you can customize things.

Go to Tools and click Legend. You can then select the products you want and then pick the place on the screen to put the Legend. You can even change the size, font and color by clicking the “i” icon and selecting edit.

Internal Wall

In the prior version of the iPad app, you could create internal walls. But admittedly, it was a bit cumbersome.

Yet this is no longer the case in the updated version of the app. To create an internal wall, click the “i” icon and select Resize and then Draw Wall. You can then draw it using the drag feature. You can even draw this as a free floating wall in the middle of a room. It’s really cool.

Oh, and if you want to delete it? The best way to do this is to use the undo function.

Insert Border Dividers

This feature is very useful for multi-family projects (say for hotel layouts). To create a border divider, you’ll tap on the “i” icon in the room and then select Resize and Create Border Dividers. You can then select the product you want as well as the width, miter cut, room border and so on. No more trying to free draw those borders using the floor divider tool!

View Texture & Self-Cove

You can first create a texture and self cove. Then you can check it out in the view options.

The first step is to click a tile and press the “i” icon. Scroll down and you’ll see the Texture option. Click it and you can get a texture from your photos.

However, the texture won’t show up! So you will need to go to Views and select View Options. Scroll down and chose Texture.

And what about self cove? You will click the “i” icon in the room and select Label, Height, Coving. You can then pick a size.

Again, this will not show up. Like a texture, you’ll go to View Options and select Self Coving.

3D View Options

Getting 3D views of your projects is always fun. It also brings things to life for your customers.

As for the new iPad app, we added some slick features. And to use them, go to Views and 3D Views. Then at the top, you can change options for Spin. This means you can use your finger to spin the floorplan around. Then you can select Pan, which means you can move it around the screen.

Finally, if you choose Options, you can toggle different items on the floorplan, such as seam, cut label and so on.

And if you want to bring things back to the default view, then just press Reset.

Tile Patterns

The new version of the iPad app provides many more pattern options. It’s just a matter of clicking on Patterns and scrolling among the list to find the one you want. You can drag it to a room and a popup will appear to select your tiles. But something to keep in mind: if no tiles appear available for the selected pattern, this just means your created tiles cannot fit. But you can use "Quick Assign" to have the software assign tiles for you.

Also, you can add a grout product and grout width.

Forms Options

We’ve made some very useful updates to our Forms. You’ll find these at the Reports tab at the top of the screen.

Now if you want to see a simplified version, you can click on Settings and turn on Hide Worksheet and Print Report.

Then, when you click Forms, you will have quite a few options at the bottom. You can carry out actions like add a new item, change a quantity, add a signature and preview. You can even add a currency.

You can then include various other financial items – like the tax rate, freight and discount – by selecting the Gear icon at the top right.


You can easily change the settings in the printed report. To do this, lick on Reports and Print. Then you’ll click the Gear Icon. You’ll then toggle items like color, header, unit and description.

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