Product Highlights: Project List Updates in MeasureSquare 8

In the newest version of MeasureSquare 8, we have rolled out several major feature improvements that will streamline your measure estimating processes. In this first post--which is part of a series--we will discuss the Project Item creation function.

We have brought a new approach to the Project List that will allow you to quickly use a spreadsheet format to create items in a much quicker fashion.

So walk with me, as I take us through the workflow for your Project List while highlighting the features that make this an effective tool for daily use within your own takeoffs and worksheets.

Right Click on Project Items and then select New Product: This will allow you to begin the process of creating the products that you will be using throughout the takeoff estimation process.


Click the New Product button and see the new line tem appear on the Product List:Here you will fill out the applicable fields necessary for your estimation and worksheet generation. This includes but is not limited to the product SKU, type, and unit, as shown below.


To Duplicate Products in the product list, click on the Duplicate button shown below:By doing this, you will speed up data entry for every product of a certain trade.


You can also use this Project List to reorder the list using the up and down arrows and even sort alphabetically, using the A-Z button. That way it will make it easier to find products when you are accessing them to add to a takeoff. This allows for a much cleaner and simplified design.

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We highly recommend that you make the transition to MeasureSquare 8. The new features will definitely improve your business!