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Nowadays consumers are quite savvy when it comes to shopping for flooring products like carpet, wood or kitchen tile. They often first go online with Google searches and then check out their social media. And yes, consumers will check out a local Home Depot or Lowe’s to talk to reps to get product tips and pricing information.

But there is something that needs to happen before a sale is closed – that is, a sales person or estimator needs to visit the home for onsite measurement.

As should be no surprise, this process has changed little over the years, despite the tremendous advances in technology. A local rep will show up with a few sample books, a sketch pad and a measuring tape. And of course, there are often errors and issues, which winds up costing the consumer money and valuable time.

But this approach is starting to change. With the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones, onsite measurement is entering the 21st century. This means that not only the error rates drop and better customer experiences but there is often a higher rate of closed sales. It’s a win-win.

Oh, and it should be no surprise that flooring shoppers are using Internet (like and mobile technologies (such as the M2 iPhone app) as well. The irony is that they may be even more effective than sales reps!

In light of all this, the flooring industry really needs to make the transition new technologies. The fact is that home owners are wowed to see a rep who has a laser meter and measuring app. It instantly builds the trust. What’s more, a homeowner can check out different what-if scenarios (say which product goes to which room, looking at the upgrade options and so on). All this can happen in a matter of seconds.

OK then, so you want to give all this a try for your own business? Well, the first place to start is our Measure Square iOS app, which has a 14-day free trial.



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