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We highly recommend that you make the transition to MeasureSquare 8. The new features will definitely improve your business!

So how to do the import? The good news is that it is very easy. There are actually 5 steps:


#1 - Open MeasureSquare 8 and select the small triangle icon next to the currently selected database.




#2 - Select the drop down menu and click on "Import MeasureSquare 2015 Product Database."




#3 - This will automatically open the pop up window to your 2015 database as shown. If it is not selected, please left click on the database file; ends in ".mdb". Then click Open.




#4 - You will now see your 2015 database imported. From here you can rename it if you would like and sync it to the cloud. When done, click OK.




#5 - Your database is now in MeasureSquare 8!




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