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Android-2This week, we launched the Android app. It will certainly take your flooring business to the next level -- allowing you to snag more customers.

So what are some of the exciting features? Well, here's a look:


You can easily find a project – from the Diagram Screen of the app – by such criteria as customer name, job site address, phone number, fax, email and so on.

Internal Wall

To create an internal wall, click the “i” icon and select Resize and then Draw Wall. You can then draw it using the drag feature. You can even draw this as a free-floating wall in the middle of a room.

Merge Rooms

Sometimes it’s easier to create a large open area by breaking it into multiple smaller rooms and join them together. And yes, you can do this with Measure Square. Here’s how: Draw a few small rooms, dock them together to ensure they share common walls, and then tab each room with two fingers. You will then see the boundaries of these rooms turn yellow. Next, tab on the (i) and select Merge Room.

View Self-Cove

This is a snap! You will click the “i” icon in the room and select Label, Height, Coving. Next, you can pick a size and then you can check it out in the view options. You can even adjust the View Options on the top right corner of the diagram to make the Self-Cove stay or be hidden.

Tile Patterns

We added tile patterns in the left panel. It’s just a matter of clicking on Patterns and scrolling among the list to find the one you want. If no tiles appear available for the selected pattern, this just means you created tiles that cannot fit. But you can use "Quick Assign" to have the software assign tiles for you. It’s really just that easy.

Match Tile Pattern Across Rooms

When estimating tiles, wood or pattern carpet/vinyl flooring, you want to make sure the pattern flows continuously at the doorway. To do this, tab each room with the same product with two fingers. You will see the boundaries of these rooms turn yellow. Then tab the (i) icon and select Set Pattern Position. Drag the blue dot on the screen to the desired installation starting point and click the check mark on the top left corner. It will align patterns across multiple rooms.

Forms Options

If you go to the Forms menu, you can carry out actions like add a new item, change a quantity, add a signature and preview. You can even add a currency. In fact, if you select the Gear icon at the top right, you can include various financial items like the tax rate, freight, and discount.

3D View

You can review your drawing in a 3D model. After opening a diagram, tab on the Views option on the top right corner and select 3D view, where you can adjust it. Something else: You can include the 3D model when printing the report. To do this, tab on Report->Print->Signature and Settings->View 3D->Toggle on the switch.

Advanced Print Options

You can easily change the settings in the printed report. To do this, click on Reports and Print. Then you’ll click the Gear Icon, where you’ll find items like color, header, unit, and description.

You can include a list of room net area and perimeters. To do this, tab on Report->Print->Signature and Settings->Estimation-> and then turn on Project Summary and/or Room List. On the first page of the report, you will see tables with room name, net area, wall area, perimeter, # of doors and # of windows.


All this sounds great, right? Definitely. So the next step is to try it out -- for free.



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