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Every year, we have an upgrade to our flagship desktop software platform and this time around, we have made some big-time changes. We actually call it the “ultimate in tile estimation” (ok, we are fans of BMWs!)


In light of this, it should be no surprise that the latest version of the software gives you full control over the tile estimation process.  You can easily adjust settings such as how many cuts per tile and factory edge preference – regardless if you ignore slivers of tiles for your design or allow tile rotation to save product usage. You can also set a minimum waste level, which greatly cuts down on costly mistakes.  If the software calculates waste lower than the lowest limit, the waste will be increased.

Next, it is much easier to use predefined tile pattern library. No longer do you have to engage in the cumbersome process of figuring out the correct width and length ratios of tiles.  Now you just drag and drop the tile pattern and then use "resize" for a tile. Then software will handle everything after this. It’s that simple.

We have also added trendy tile patterns to the library.  If a customer wants to use some unusual, luxury products such as scale-shaped, hexagon, wing-shaped tile, MeasureSquare can handle them beautifully. Also, you can even replace base tiles with accent tiles to create a unique look to cater to your customers' unique needs.

So what are you waiting for?  All these new features will certainly improve your business and help to land new projects.  

The next step is to get a download of the software.  You can also check out a set of videos we put together to get you up-to-speed on the cool new features.


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