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James Wisdom
Dazzle Clients With 3D Walkthrough

One of the latest features in MeasureSquare 8 desktop is 3D walkthrough...

James Wisdom
New MeasureSquare 8 Feature: CAD Import

A great way to get more out of the MeasureSquare 8 commercial version is the..

James Wisdom
Countertop Design In Measure Square 8

When it comes to flooring, Measure Square software has what you need. But..

James Wisdom
Using The Pattern Position Tool

If you are a user of the desktop version of Measure 8, then it’s worth..

James Wisdom
Measure Square 8: Rotate Tile Direction

For Measure Square 8, we’ve added quite a lot regarding tiles. And one of..

Deborah Feng
Share your project and database on the MeasureSquare Cloud

You can share your print profiles and product databases by logging into ..

Deborah Feng
Let's talk about how to do license revoke...

Are you getting a notification that says your subscription is expired?

James Wisdom
Join Us At Surfaces!

For Measure Square, the Surfaces show is the biggest event of the year...

Jim Riherd
Make Payments With Measure Square Cloud

While we certainly like to talk to our customers, there is a faster way to..

James Wisdom
Measure Square 8: Bringing In Outside Price Lists

A great way to get more out of MeasureSquare is by bringing in your product..

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