Freedraw Using A Disto

A very powerful feature of Measure Square is the integration with a Disto laser meter. This technology can significantly increase your accuracy and productivity. Once you start using it, there is .

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MeasureSquare Mobile for Android Walkthrough

The Measure Square iPad app has certainly been a popular product for us. Then again, it helps with core functions like measuring, estimation and reporting.

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Lets play some...Fantasy Football!

To all those who love football (and free stuff) join our "Licensed to Win" Measure Square Fantasy Football League.

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How To Add A Tax Rate On A Worksheet?

When it comes to creating quotes, the tax rate is certainly a big deal. So then how can you add it to your worksheet for Measure Square 8?

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Ways To Get Help With Measure Square Software

As much as possible, we strive to provide the best support possible. We believe that this has been one of the keys to our success.

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MeasureSquare 8 Desktop: How do I separate a floor into multiple areas?

A common use-case for commercial projects is dividing a floor into multiple areas. The good news is that you can do this with the Windows desktop version of our software.

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How do I import my MeasureSquare 2015 database into MeasureSquare 8?

We highly recommend that you make the transition to MeasureSquare 8. The new features will definitely improve your business!

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MeasureSquare Mobile for iPad

Grab that laser and let's get measuring.

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iPad Upgrade: New Features To Help You Streamline And Customize Your Projects

We hope you had a great 4th of July.

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MeasureSquare 8 Getting Started Series for Commercial Desktop

Import, draw rooms, apply product, auto estimate while adjusting layouts and seams, and create a proposal.

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We recently launched the latest version of our flagship desktop software app, Measure Square 8. A big part of the release includes new features .

Our Android app is way more than just about measuring. With it, you can also create custom proposals and reports – on the fly. No doubt, this can .