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Yes, the latest version of our Mobile iOS has hit the Appstore! So why upgrade? Well, we added some cool features that will certainly help your business.


Here are some highlights:


  • Grid View. You can now turn on/off the Grid view by tapping the icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Layout of the Menu. We have changed the layout of the menu you can access by tapping the Info icon next to each project on the homescreen.
  • Tag Projects. You can now tag your projects with keywords. Simply go to the Info icon, select Tags, and select Manage to customize the tags. You can associate multiple tags to a diagram and you can search the tags you create by clicking on the Filter icon next to the search bar.
  • Favorites Toolbar. A favorites toolbar has been added. You can access and customize your toolbar by going to Settings, selecting System Settings, and selecting Quick Access Toolbar Settings. Tap + to add function and swipe left to remove functions.
  • Enhanced 3D View. The 3D view has been newly enhanced. You can now make walls transparent so that you can see the wall tiles while reviewing your project. You can also turn on/off wall stack dimensions, underlying product, etc. The 3D view can now be printed in your report for your customers and installers.
  • Printing Module. We have also updated the printing module in this upcoming release.


We also put together a video showing the features. Check it out!

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